technology of aging
of noble drinks

Le Bousinage

A special process of toasting oak planks, due to which the wood gets the ability to saturate alcoholic beverages with flavors and aromas identical to those born at traditional aging in an oak barrel.

A unique technology that allows you to get a gradient toasting, so the drinks get a complex taste and aroma.




Dovelles are oak planks toasted using Bousinage technology, which can imitate almost all types of aging. They are used to obtain a drink of the same quality and complexity as after traditional aging in barrel.

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Barrettes are rectangular pieces of oak, toasted using Bousinage technology, which are used to give alcoholic beverages the flavors and aromas of aging in barrel in a short time. The Barrettes shape is very convenient in use as they can be placed in any container without additional efforts.

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Chips are large shredded oak pieces, toasted using the classic technology by roasting, which are mainly used in the stages of aging to add oak flavors and aromas to the drink.

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Tannin is pure ellagic tannins in the form of dry powder of organic origin, obtained by extraction from oak pieces of different degrees of toasting using the patented technology “Bousinage”.

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About the company

More than 40 years of experience in the cooperage industry;

Unique patented technology Bousinage, due to which oak planks are toasted according to the traditional method of French coopers;

Production is located in one of the most ecological places in Europe;

Deep understanding of the needs of beverage manufacturers and help in creation of the unique recipes.


High quality raw materials

For alternative Bousinage products, we use wood that meets all the criteria for the production of high quality cooper staves.
After processing, the wood undergoes mandatory atmospheric drying in the open air for 24-36 months, due to which only noble molecules remain in the wood, which, when aged, are extracted into alcohol or wine material.

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Our awards

Quality certificate
Quality certificate

In 2021, the company's production unit received ISO: 22000 certificate in recognition of the results of the work of the whole team in the direction of improving the quality of production processes.

Concours général
Concours général

In 2021 wine aged using the alternative technology Process Le Bousinage won the "Gold Medal" at the national competition of wine producers in France.


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